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Case Study –

Heyyo! is your next favourite link-in-bio software. They help you collate multiple links in one beautiful digital profile - increasing your conversion and click-through rates. Your visitors can share your link easily (get that word-of-mouth ...

Case Study –

Uiuxboost is a web analytics software with user heatmaps and recordings, similar to Hotjar. We build the solution in 2 weeks and it is live at https://app.uiuxboost.com/. This project is led by Adam - our ...

Case Study –

Manageboost is HR, CRM & Project Management SaaS software. We build the solution in 2 weeks and it is live at https://app.manageboost.com/. This project is led by Joe - our managing consultant. We merged the ...

Case Study –

Octaplex engaged us to build a cryptocurrency swapping application - where users are able to exchange the Octaplex tokens to BTC/ETH/BNB and more. This project took us 5 days and we are live on https://swap.octaplex.io/#/swap.This ...

Case Study –

Oniwallet (oniwallet.com) is a privacy web-based cryptocurrency hot wallet and exchange platform. Startup Boost was engaged to develop the hot wallet system of the platform. The project was completed within 2 weeks and Oniwallet was ...

Case Study –
Cloud Card

Cloud Card is a digital profile web application that offers digital name cards and digital contact profile services. The project was completed within 2 weeks and Cloud Card was operational within 30 days. Within the ...
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