We empower brands to navigate the digital era.

Our reliance on digital technologies is only increasing each passing day. In order to ensure your business doesn’t lag behind, it is crucial that you understand what it means to be a digitally progressive brand.

Why Us?

When you are unwell, you visit a doctor who is trained in the practice of medicine. Likewise, when you are looking for consult on digital technologies, why not look for a company that practices and builds them?

Comprising of a team with former associations with Microsoft and Mozilla, we provide consultation services on how brands can effectively leverage on technology to gain competitive advantages and increase their bottom line.

Our Area Of Expertise

All of our consultancy services are done online via video chat. We keep our sessions confidential, concise, value-packed and actionable. If you are new to a particular topic, we will break it down step by step for you, guiding you along the way.

singapore (1)

SG Digital Business Setup

Have a new digital business or startup idea but have no clue about the technology required to execute it?

microsoft (3)

Technology Implementation

Have an existing business but want to leverage on technology to improve your business processes?

facebook (1)

Digital Marketing Course

Have an existing business and want to learn how to run Facebook Ads for lead generation and sales?

Structure and Pricing

Estimate Duration: 1x One Hour Session
2 pax max

Starting a digital business can be a challenging endeavor that requires a lot of industry knowledge combined with know-how in marketing, web design and development, sales, accounting, legal activities (to name a few). As a solopreneur or a small team, covering the most out of all areas is expensive, if not impossible to focus on in the early days.

Our consultation structure covers:

  • Idea validation and market feasibility 
  • Incorporation of your new business
  • Your brand identity
  • Identifying the right development platform for the web solution
  • Consulting on eCommerce or Membership solutions for different online monetisation strategies
  • Building a short-term and long-term marketing strategy
  • Suggesting tools, services, and solutions that would automate internal processes and increase efficiency

Estimate Duration: 2x One Hour Sessions
2 pax max

Our technology implementation consulting team provides end-to-end technology consulting services to help you identify growth opportunities, gain insights, identify problem areas, transform insights into actionable modules and move them to the execution stage. Our goal is for you to have a sustainable competitive advantage, build strong digital business processes and deliver lasting results.

Our consultation structure covers:

  • Research and audit of current business processes
  • Identification of growth opportunities 
  • Feasibility studies
  • Action plan development
  • Technology implementation
  • Training and maintenance

Course Duration: As long as it takes (Est. 2 Hours)
1 pax only

Our 1-to-1 Digital Marketing Course will equip you with practical Facebook Marketing skills that can immediately apply to generate leads and sales on Facebook and Instagram.

We will cover the fundamentals of Facebook ads management and take you through the entire Facebook Marketing process. By the end of the course, you will launch your first Facebook ad, at your own pace!

Course Structure:

  1. Overview
  2. Facebook Ad Terminology
  3. A First Look at the Facebook Ads Platform
  4. Different Types of Facebook Ads
  5. Facebook Ads Structure
  6. Choosing Your First Ad Campaign
  7. Identify Your Target Audience
  8. Setting Up Your Budget
  9. Design Your Facebook Ad
  10. Your Facebook Ad Copy
  11. Optimise Your Facebook Ads
  12. Launch Your Ads

*Subsequent course-related consultancy will be SGD $100/Hour (after discount).

Complimentary Perks

Preferred Pricing

We do not upsell anything during a consultation. However, if a client do wish to engage us, we will provide a 10% discount on all web development services.


Had a fantastic experience with us and know someone who can benefit from our consultancy services? Refer him/her to us to obtain a 15% cash-back (split among both parties).


Is 1 session not enough? All clients will be entitled to a 10% discount for their subsequent consultancy sessions. This applies to all areas of expertise and courses.