Startup Boost Marketplace

Buy pre-made online businesses and start earning today! 

  • Easy-to-use
  • Design Is Extremely Customisable
  • Create Your Own Niche
  • Immediate Monetisation
  • Insanely Competitive Pricing
  • Designed and Vetted By Our In-House Developers
Installation and Customisation

All technical aspects of your new online business is done by us. Just provide us with your business idea and payment model.

Secure and Fast

Your new online business is hosted on our enterprise-grade Cloud Boost web hosting service.

SEO Optimised

Your new online business is optimised for search engine optimisation. This gives your website priority on search engines.

Technical Help

We provide efficient on-demand technical support in the unlikely event of technical errors.

Simple UI/UX

Lets not over-complicate things. Your new online business provides a clean user experience to your customers.

Translation Ready

Translate your new online business into multiple languages and expand into new different markets.

1. Choose your base business model

We have provided some examples of potential uses for each business model, but the business idea is ultimately decided by you. Prices includes customisation of your base business model to suit your business idea. 

Microjob Model

$2950 SGD
Full Workflow and Private Messaging System
Buyers and Sellers Panel
Listing Membership Payment Model + House Commissioning Model

Dating Site Model

$1950 SGD
Dedicated User Profiles
Build-In Chat Rooms, Private Messaging, Gifts, Image/Video and Audio Uploads
Listing Membership Payment Model

Directory Model

$1950 SGD
Build A Directory For Your Industry
Featured Listings
Listing Membership Payment Model

Job Board Model

$2550 SGD
Build-In Job Center
Private Messaging and Resume Uploads
Listing Membership Payment Model

Rental Model

$2550 SGD
Dedicated Agent Profiles, Image Galleries, Contact Forms and Private Messaging
Customisable Listing Fields and Google Map Display
Listing Membership Payment Model

Classified Model

$2550 SGD
Handle and Index Thousands Of Listing Easily
Build-In Payment System, Contact Forms and Private Messaging
Listing Membership Payment Model

2. Contact our web consultants

Our web consultants will access your business idea and determine if it is compatible with your chosen base business model. We offer consultations as well for clients who desire to enquire more about our marketplace services.

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