Development Process



Clients are first required to fill up a simple questionnaire. Our consultants will then advise on the most suitable technical solution for your website's objectives, desired design elements and functions.



Clients will be assigned a project leader that will be spearheading the development cycle of your project. This involves setting up technical infrastructures, designing the user interface and the implementation of features and functions.



Based on the client's feedback, the team will perform any desired modifications to the completed project as long as it is within the original project scope. The project leader will lastly perform a quality control check before handing the project over to the client.



Startup Boost Singapore will remain a technical solution partner even after your project is completed. You can access our client support portal or contact us anytime for technical support. We do offer customised maintenance packages as well. 

Our Latest Technology

Proprietary theme, plugins and engines.

We had enough of slow and cluttered pre-made themes. So we spent the last year developing our own instead. Our theme is less than 50 KB and loads in just half seconds.  We give you powerful design options and full control to almost every part of your site – without you needing to touch a single line of code. 

Affordable Yet Prestigious

Our mission is to provide professional services at start-up pricing. We achieve this by streamlining our processes and by building our projects in blocks. Clients will be getting double of what they paid for, at half the time. 


Powered by our blazing Domain Boost hosting solution and sustainably built to anticipate upgrades and updates.


SSL-encrypted with powerful firewalls to protect your data with server-wide 12-hourly backups and updates.


Built with our in-house tech frameworks and universal web development standards.


Optimised user experience for every single device with beautiful and thoughtful user interfaces.


Strategically built for priority on popular search engines. Integration with many popular SEO tools.


View key performance indicators to generate insights with our UIUX boost engine.