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Start your very own crowdfunding SAAS business.

The application allows you create a platform that promotes fundraising campaigns for multiple causes, this could include solving social issues, medical fundraising, startup fundraising, and much more!

It includes payment automation through Stripe & Paypal, as well as a powerful dashboard to manage the entire platform. It also features AJAX style user experience and pretty URLs. Using this application you could build an app similar to Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Gofundme.


– Regular sign up and social Sign up with Google and Facebook
– Flexible on-boarding with location detection via IP
– Payments powered by Stripe & Paypal
– Custom card payment forms
– Fundraiser payouts via Stripe or Paypal
– Beautified URLs for fundraiser and user profile pages (with fallbacks for un-set usernames)
– AJAX style navigation
– Transactional Email workflow actions for key events
– Powerful Admin dashboard
– Fully mobile responsive design

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