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Why your website needs maintenance!

  1. Boost your traffic!

Search Engines give priority to sites that are regularly updated. Consistently updating the information on your site, fixing broken links, and making sure all your pages are optimised will ensure that your site will rank highly when searchers look for related content. This will increase the likelihood of your target audience coming across your website from Google or DuckDuckGo!

  1. Maintain Site Security

One of the most important reasons for regular website maintenance is to maintain its security. Especially so if you are using a popular Content Management Service such as WordPress. Their popularity makes them a target for security breaches, which is why it is critical to keep them updated with the latest security updates and patches.

  1. Keep things fresh!

Simply having your site up and running is not enough. To have a successful site with good conversions, updating it with events, banners, and other actionable elements is essential to engaging your audience—and making your business seem lively and attractive! 

At Startup Boost, we can help you do all of the above and more. We advise on best practices, and provide expert guidance on managing your site health, and keeping it fast and zippy.

Contact us at [email protected] to get started!

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